LUK Mentoring Application


Volunteer Activities

Please read carefully before signing:

By signing below I attest to the truthfulness of all information on this application. I agree to allow the LUK Mentoring Program to confirm information listed. I understand the LUK Mentoring program is not obligated to match me with a youth and if selected, agree to follow the guidelines listed below. 

I agree to:
     - A one-one-one interview with LUK Mentoring Staff
     - A background check (CORI & References) (Provide Goverment-issued ID)
     - Provide proof of license and car insurance (Community Based)
     - Participate in LUK Mentor training
     - Meet youth according to program guidelines
     - Commit to mentoring according to program guidelines
     - Participate in supervision with LUK Mentoring Staff
     - Keep LUK Mentoring staff informed of progress and/or concerns in the mentoring relationship
     - Participate in LUK Mentoring program match evaluations